About Right Health

Right Health is the largest and fastest-growing value healthcare organization in the UAE, and the pioneer of a movement to provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to the working-class population. In line with the goal of the National Agenda of the UAE Vision 2021 to establish a world-class healthcare system accessible to all, the organization aims to deliver quality healthcare with four core objectives – prevention, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.

Right Health believes that all lives have equal value, and all people without distinction deserve equal care, compassion and commitment. Its experienced team of specialists and strategic partners boasts a solid track record and a long-term vision to create a platform that facilitates change and impact. Committed to transforming value-based healthcare, the organization is set to touch more than 1.8 million lives by 2022.

Our Mission

  • To be the largest multidisciplinary healthcare chain in our chosen segment & geographies.
  • To be the most cost effective primary healthcare service.
  • To drive the quality of healthcare in this segment.
  • To be the most preferred partner for insurance and employers.
  • To be located in close proximity to workforce residential and work areas.


Values & Behaviours

Patient First

Be Compassionate - We embrace our patients’ perspective.

Be Committed – We value our patients’ time, honour their needs and are committed to providing them with effective treatment at affordable prices.

Be Caring – We care to cure and provide service with a smile.

Collectively Stronger

Diversity is our strength – We believe every voice counts.

Learn to Listen – We adopt a culture of continuous learning.

Act with Care: We respect and support everyone in the team from cleaner to clinician.

Driven by Value

Targeted healthcare – We are outcome driven by a passion for results.

Promotion of self-care – We partner with the patient to improve their lives.

Efficiency & Cost effectiveness – We optimize resources.

Innovative Mindset – We continuously challenge the status.

Agents of Change

Ownership: We are empowered to make decisions and act on them - Own your impact.

Visioning: We are driving new ideas.

Reach: We are transforming mindsets and expectations.