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Right Health / UAE

Our Mission

To be the largest multidisciplinary healthcare chain in our chosen segment & geographies.

To be the most cost effective primary healthcare service.

To drive the quality of healthcare in this segment.

To be the most preferred partner for insurance and employers.

To be located in close proximity to the workforce within their residential and work areas.

Message from Board Member

“I have the honor of speaking to you as the Board Member of Right Health. In just 30 years, we’ve made great strides. We are determined to revolutionize value-based healthcare in this region and become the leading chain of multidisciplinary healthcare organizations. We constantly work to deliver and make specialized, quality care accessible to our clients at affordable price.”

Warm Regards,

Dr Sanjay M. Paithankar
- Board Member

About Right Health

Right Health is a wholly owned subsidiary of RHI Investments LLC.

Right Health is one of the most prominent value healthcare organizations in the UAE, offering expert primary healthcare services to the workforce. One of our goals is ensuring that healthcare is accessible to all, without discrimination. Every life has equal value and everyone deserves care, compassion and commitment. The team at Right Health is completely aligned to these values.

Having branches in key locations across the UAE, we are inching closer and closer to the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2030 – to establish a world-class healthcare system accessible to all. Our four main pillars of prevention, efficiency, effectiveness and innovation are our driving force. Right from our leadership to doctors and staff, every individual at right health strives towards transforming the healthcare landscape and enabling change. Our aim is to transform value-based healthcare and impacting more than 2.5 million lives a year by 2023.

Our Values & Behaviours

To be the premier provider of quality, affordable, accessible primary healthcare, delivered at the doorstep of the working population.


Be Compassionate – We embrace our patients’ perspective.

Be Committed – We value our patients’ time, honour their needs and are committed to providing them with effective treatment at affordable prices.

Be Caring – We care to cure and provide our services with a smile.


Diversity is our strength – We believe every voice counts.

Learn to Listen – We adopt a culture of continuous learning.

Act with Care: We respect and support everyone in the team, from cleaner to clinician.

Driven by

Targeted healthcare – We are outcome driven by a passion for results.

Promotion of self-care – We partner with the patient to improve their lives.

Efficiency & Cost effectiveness –We optimise resources.

Innovative Mindset – We continuously challenge the status quo.

Agents of

Ownership: We are empowered to make decisions and act on them – ‘Own Your Impact’.

Visioning: We are driving new ideas.

Reach: We are transforming mindsets and expectations.

Awards & Accolades

Fastest Growing Healthcare Organization UAE 2022 – International Business Magazine

Primary Care Provider of the Year 2021

Fastest Growing Healthcare Firm 2020 – International Business Magazine

Excellence in Healthcare UAE –India Economic Forum

Fastest Growing Healthcare Firm 2019 International Business Magazine

Best Emerging Healthcare Brand 2019

Emerging Healthcare Brand 2018 UAE – India Economic Forum

Emerging Healthcare Firm 2018 UAE – India Economic Forum

Global Business Outlook Awards 2016

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of quality, affordable, accessible primary healthcare, delivered at the doorstep of the working population.



Right Health values patients immensely, prioritizing them above all else. We always commit to treating patients with respect, integrity, professionalism and care, making sure that we only take the best onboard to do so. Our doors are always open for you. If you have any ailments or require advice on prevention, simply visit any of our clinics.

One of our major care areas is the blue-collar population. We worked closely with labor camps, ensuring affordable care for the workforce. After all, they are the backbone of the UAE. Our branches are also located in communities with thousands of residents and we’re ready to serve at all times.


Currently, Right Health operates 60 facilities with a total number of 600+ employees, including the management team, doctors, specialists, pharmacists, medical and administrative staff. Our team strongly believes in working towards providing affordable and quality healthcare.

Every individual is screened for cultural alignment and expertise before becoming a part of the team. We have a collective vision of selfless care for our patients and improving their quality of life.


Right Health is affiliated with one of the largest network of insurers in the UAE, enabling better coverage for its citizens. Being closely tied with the workforce and blue-collar population, our partnerships facilitate their better health and productivity.

Our team is well versed with data analytics, patient engagement technology and clinical care, staying completely up-to-date with current and future best practices and empowering the best patient outcomes. Paired with our expert staff, we are a professional and care-oriented partner of choice.


Right health is a quality, affordable and accessible healthcare provider which brings progress and helps the community thrive. We do this through our value- based healthcare model that leverages large-scale primary care facilities.

We’re always on the lookout for healthcare promoters that align with our values. If our vision relates to you, become a part of it. To know more contact us at


Right Health is aligned with relevant government authorities in the UAE. As one of our stakeholder, we work together to reach the National Agenda and UAE Vision 2030 goals – to provide quality and accessible healthcare in the country. We are honored to be completely in line with the government’s goals and being in step towards an excellent outcome.