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General Dentist

Right Health

Best General Dentist in UAE

Dental Care of the Highest Quality at a Reasonable Price

When it comes to oral healthcare, Right Health is a name you can rely on. Since our inception, we have been striving to offer excellent dental care solutions and treatments to our patients.

Right Health is a leading dental clinic in the UAE. Our team of medical experts caters to different specializations that are aimed at providing you with the best-in-class treatment. With over 60 medical centers and counting, Right Health is synonymous with excellence and commitment! Hence, it is the best choice for anyone looking for the finest and best dental clinic in Dubai.

Pediatric Dentistry


Dr. Chirag Agrawal

Karama Medical Centre- Karama

Karama Medical Centre- Burjuman

Karama Medical Centre- Al Khail Gate

Karama Medical Centre- JVC

General Dentist

Dr. Shilpa Meenankada

Karama Medical Centre- Karama

Dr. Fazleen Rafeek

Karama Medical Centre- Burjuman

Dr. Prasiddha Suresh

Karama Medical Centre- Al Khail Gate

Dr. Arathi Subhash

Karama Medical Centre- Jumeirah Village

Dr. Mohammad Mohthashim Hussain

Al Azhar Clinic - Jebel Ali

Dr. Shebin Varghese

Al Azhar Clinic 4 - Jebel Ali

Dr. Vidya Viswam

Al Azhar Clinic - DIP 1

Dr. Alex Philip

Al Azhar Clinic 3 - Al Aweer

Dr. Vimla Bai

Karama Medical Center

Dr. Elizebeth Mary

Ruby Clinic

Dr. Humera Iqbal Khan

Al Azhar Clinic 3 - Al Aweer

Dr. Harshida Dhanak

New Sanaiya Clinic - Hor Al Anz

Dr. Mustafa Yusuf

Al Sanaiya Clinic - Al Quoz

Dr. Senthura P Vasudevan

Karama Medical Centre- Grand City Mall

Dr. M. Mahati Varma

New Sanaiya Clinic (Sonapur)

Dr. Reshma Cherian

Al Sanaiya Clinic - Sonapur

Dr. Amina Banu

Right Health Clinic Jurf