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Ruby Clinic

Dr. Humera Iqbal Khan

General Dentist

The art of dentistry makes me realize how Everything starts with a smile and so, with great smile can start every great day!


Bachelor of Dental Surgery


4 years
UAE: 1 year

Specialized In

Root Canal Treatment, Extraction, Smile Designing

Doctor's Bio

Graduated from and year: MUHS 2019

Doctors belief and stand out to his patients and expertise in services: There’s a story behind every smile. A dream smile is a reality.

All the dentists in right health are updated with the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry offer more comprehensive and innovative services to their patients. This expertise earns them respect and trust from their patients, which fosters a long-lasting relationship.

They also possess effective communication skills which are crucial to explain complex dental procedures and educate patients about oral health practices. All the RH dentists can communicate well and empathize with their patients hence create a welcoming atmosphere, easing patients’ anxiety, and demonstrating their commitment to providing personalized care.In summary, expertise in services, continuous professional development, effective communication skills, and empathy are vital qualities that dentists do possess and stand out to their patients and provide exceptional dental care. All the Patients look up to our dentists who demonstrate a high level of proficiency, knowledge, and experience in their craft.

Available to see patients for the following procedures: Dental restorations, Root canal treatment, Crowns bridges, Teeth extractions, Preventive dentistry, fluoride treatments, Teeth whitening, Smile makeover. 

Languages Known

English, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu

Available Locations

International City